Why to build a Cloud for internal use?

Here at Level2 we’ve built our own cloud. It’s a simple cloud but it allows us to do a lot of things that normally couldn’t.


We can define our hosts dynamically without worrying about where the hosts are deployed. We also have high availability for disks because we use Ceph for images.




And we can also define our own network without touching any router or Ethernet cabling. This cannot be done in other virtualized environments without expertise.




We can also be connected to Amazon so in case of we need more computing power we will grow to Amazon as required. Our server will load balance between local nodes and remote ones.


Ceph is a technology that allows us to put our server disk in different servers and use a controller node to send each piece of data to several disks. It takes into account failure situations to make the cluster the more stable, available and high performant as it can be. We think it’s better than raid because it allows not only the faillure of one disk but a whole server. This cannot be handled by raid. Even if one of the Raid cards burn you are lost until you replace it. With ceph each disk is on different server, rack, switch, etc. It depends on how you define it, how many replicas do you want and how much space your own.

It’s a great technology we make use of.





Another thing you obtain by just installing the cloud environment is that you have a complete inventory of every resource you allocate. You can even get how are performing VMs if you want by installing Ceilometer. So don’t waste your time and put a cloud in your life.

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