TECH PRE(RE)VIEW It seems that not much people evaluate alternatives when choosing a technology. The situation gets worse when lazy developers are involved because we all tend to stay in our comfort zone and avoid new “ways of do” that can give us troubles in the future. I totally disagree about saying inside comfort zone. […]

Microservices Architecture + RabbitMQ + CXF

MICROSERVICES AND RABBITMQ It seems that everyone is doing microservices since some years ago. Everyone is involved in microservices in one or other way. But why all that movement? Some time ago defining a service was a costly task, you had to define the WSDL and prepare a container to serve the service in a […]

The real cost of branching

THE REAL COST OF BRANCHING When developing a big piece of software (server or application) for different customers you will find that the solution, even if it’s the best on the market, differs from the customer expectations. Depending on how this is handled you can end with one version for each customer, something I strongly […]

Perfect Architecture for HCE environments

HCE ENVIRONMENT HCE environment are used to manage payment in a transparent way in the installation of a bank or payment processor. It has three critical modules. The issuer interface, that’s used to manage issuer actions like create a card, disable it or manage customer devices. The customer interface, that directly talks with the mobile […]

Apache thrift for Android c_glib

APACHE THRIFT   When developing Web applications it reaches some time when you need to interconnect several systems. Sometimes you have a mobile application that needs to retrieve data from the net, or a client that want to interchange data with your platform.   Normally I should use REST, SOAP or RPC. But this means […]

Hacking Apache Rave I [WIP]

APACHE RAVE We were watching Apache Rave for a long time, and used it for a few production environments. And while the project is not in stable status it was enough for us. Now it’s time to go action. This is a blog about our adventures…   PREPARAING DEV The first task to do was […]


Nuestro objetivo con esta nueva sección es situar nuestra empresa entre las fuentes de referencia en Marketing Online y herramientas de gestión de fidelidad Españolas. Para ello, lo primero que tenemos que hacer es posicionarnos. Partimos de una situación muy pobre en el entorno social y vamos a intentar llegar a unos objetivos que deberemos […]

Monitoring JBOSS 7 AS with VisualVM

SETTING UP THE ENVIRONMENT It seems that VisualVM needs to access JBOSS environment to work. And some other customizations needed to make everything work. We will post here our experiences.   CONFIGURE VISUALVM First of all is add classpath of the profiler JBOSS libs.   We added this to the script provided by VisualVM:   […]